Monday, March 02, 2009

Longganisa Vigan (Derecado/Baguio Market)

Vigan produces both the derecado and hamonado longganisa. The derecado or garlicky longganisa come in different varieties. For those who want the original sour taste, this is the one with vinegar or sukang Iloko like the one above.

Another version does not contain vinegar. Both versions are available at the Baguio City Market.

Main article: Longanizas of the Philippines

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Longganisa Laoag (Baguio Market)

This Laoag longganisa is from the Baguio City Market. The version in Baguio also comes from a Laoag supplier. These longganisas are finely-ground, on the salty side and fall in the derecado garlicky (or mabawang) category. Unlike the Vigan longganisa, Laoag has minimal vinegar or contains none at all.

Main article: Longanizas of the Philippines

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ultimate Beach Bus to Zambales & Pangasinan! Book now!

It's summer time! Let's frolic under the sizzling sun as we hop around three of the best beaches along the western coast of North Luzon! We'll boat around the iconic Hundred Islands and enjoy the white sands of Quezon Island. In Alaminos, we'll eat our way through their yummy longganisas then we troop towards the town of Bolinao, visiting its famous lighthouse while enjoying the sunset at Patar Beach. To cap it off, we'll drive down to Zambales to discover her best kept beach secrets: Anawangin Cove and Capones Island. Take a ride on the ultimate North Luzon beach bus experience!

And we're pulling all the stops! We're bringing a cook to Quezon Island for example to prepare a sumptuous lunch for you. You'll never go hungry during the whole tour. Ask those who've joined our Pampanga tours. And we'll also drop by some historic sites such as the Masinloc Church and the house of President Ramon Magsaysay in Zambales. What's more, we'll get to watch a classical concert at Casa San Miguel in Pundaquit. But the clincher here is that we'll be staying at the best hotels in town. And did we say we always have a lot of pleasant surprises?

The tour fee is PHP15,000 per person (we took out one night but it's still the same power-packed tour) inclusive of transportation, overnight accommodation at, Puerto del Sol (Bolinao) and Punta de Uian (San Antonio), boat rides to the Hundred Islands, Anawangin Cove and Capones Island, and meals. Limited slots available. For bookings and inquiries, e-mail us at

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Longganisa Baguio (Derecado)

Baguio City also has different versions of garlicky (or mabawang) derecado longganisa. One Baguio longganisa derecado has no sugar and less fat.

Another version is also garlicky (or mabawang) but is sweetened with a little sugar.

Then there is the shortganiza version of the derecado. All these varieties are available at the Baguio City Market.

Main article: Longanizas of the Philippines

Longganisa Baguio (Hamonado)

There are several varieties of hamonado or sweet longganisa in Baguio City. There are the lean varieties which are for direct frying such as the one pictured above.

Another lean hamonado is what market vendors refer to as the Baguio Country Club longaniza since it is similar or comes from the same supplier as the one served there.

Then there are hamonado varieties laden with fat which need to be boiled first before frying such as the one pictured above.

Finally, the shortganiza version of the hamonado is also heavy of fat and needs to be boiled first before frying. All these hamonados are available at the Baguio City Market.

Main article: Longanizas of the Philippines
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