Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Longaniza or longganisa of the Philippines

Longaniza or longganisa are chorizos flavored with local spices. Each region in the Philippines produces its own longaniza, each with distinct characteristics. Some towns and cities produce popular varieties.

Few people realize that longanizas are not only found in the Philippines. One can encounter them in Spain where they are originally from and other areas with Spanish influences such as Mexico and the rest of Latin America. Classic Spanish sausages include chorizos, longanizas, sobrasadas, morcillas, butiffaras, salchichas and salchichones.

I've always wondered why native sausages made all over the Philippines are all called longaniza or longganisa when in most countries, sausages are given various names depending on the place of origin, ingredients and varieties. While longaniza is the name for native sausages in the Philippines, in some parts of the Visayas and Mindanao, choriso, soriso or tsoriso are more common terms. So I'm starting this series in the hopes of documenting the different varieties of longaniza.

Most longganisas in the Philippines fall under two categories: hamonado (sweet or matamis) and derecado (garlicky or mabawang, sour and/or salty). Do check this entry regularly since I will be updating it and placing the hyperlinks as I upload new posts.
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