Friday, January 30, 2009

Longaniza Pampanga (San Fernando) of Everybody's Cafe

Pampanga longanizas have become so popular because of the many commercial brands available in the market. But would be interesting to investigate the traditional varieties of longaniza in the province. In San Fernando, Everybody's Cafe still makes San Fernando longaniza the same way they did in San Fernando decades ago. The San Fernando longaniza would fall under the hamonado category and is not as sweet as the commercial brands but sweet nonetheless, and garlicky (or mabawang). Notice the reddish color of the longaniza when cooked.

Main article: Longanizas of the Philippines


  1. Anonymous31.1.09

    Ivan, meranup tu tuloy!

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    hi just want to find out if whats your location.we are gonna put some cp number is 09155171055.
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