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Cavite: Corregidor Island day trip via Sun Crusies

Corregidor Island is a day trip from Manila which many people take for granted. This former military fortress city devastated during the Second World War stands as a silent witness the brutalities of war. Today it is a monument to the gallantry of our soldiers.

I made another trip to the island today via Sun Cruises which leaves the CCP Complex every morning. The first time I went to Corregidor was way back in high school more than ten years ago, also on Sun Cruises. They have day tour packages which include the catamaran ride to and from Corregidor, tram tour around the island and buffet lunch. Although closer to Bataan, the island is part of Cavite City.

Under the Spanish, Corregidor was a fortress, a penal institution, a signal outpost to warn Manila of hostile ships, and a station for Customs inspection. Hence the name Isla de Corregidor (Island of Correction) from the Spanish corregir, meaning to correct. All ships entering Manila Bay were required to stop and have their documents checked and corrected says one account. Another account mentions it got its name because of the correctional facilities.

During the American period, living in Corregidor was the life for any American or Filipino soldier. It had everything one could find in a city including two cinemas and other entertainment, ample lodging for thousands of GIs including the longest barracks in the world at the time it was built, a commisary, and even taxi and tram services!

In fact, it was a prized piece of real estate. Take note! The U.S. Government had spent more than 150 million dollars for the defense installations on the island which is five times the 2009 national budget in nominal terms! Before the war, 7.5 trillion pesos was inconceivable! And sadly, everything was destroyed during the war.

But what remains today is most definitely worth visiting. As soon as we arrived at the dock after that one hour ferry ride, we boarded tram buses which would take us around the island. Each bus goes to a different location so that there are not too many people in each stop. Our bus first went to the Filipino Heroes Memorial where statues of Manuel L. Quezon and Sergio Osmena stand together with monuments to Filipino guerillas, the Filipino woman, and a several bas relief tableaus of important revolts from the Battle of Mactan to EDSA 1986.

Our next stop was the Japanese War Memorial which serves as a memorial to the lives lost on the Japanese side. Our guide was really good and I most definitely enjoyed all his stories. But I didn't appreciate him claiming that the statue of Guan Yin (Kannon to the Japanese) is a composite of the Virgin Mary and Budhha. Misinformed visitors might just believe that the statue of the Goddess of Mercy is indeed that.

Front there we trooped the the light and sound show at the Malinta Tunnel, the script of which was written by National Artist Lamberto Avellana. The sculptures were rendered by National Artist Napoleon Abueva. This is an optional part of the tour and you'll have to buy tickets for PHP150. But it is highly-recommended if you want to learn more about Corregidor during World War II.

It took ten years to complete Malinta Tunnel (from 1922 to 1932), which got its name from the abundance linta (leeches) that plagued the workers that built it. It had been dug through solid rock and offered complete protection from attacks. During the siege of Corregidor, Gen. Douglas MacArthur set up the headquarters of USAFFE inside the tunnel. It was also the seat of Philippine Commonwealth under President Quezon. It was there, on December 30, 1941, that President Quezon and Vice President Osmena were inaugurated into their second terms.

At the end of the show, the Philippine National Anthem is played. Guides should remind visitors of the solemnity of this part of the show. I was irritated that people kept on snapping photos of the Philippine flag while the anthem was playing. They could have done it after.

Anyway, after the Malinta Experience, we proceeded to the Corregidor Hotel for our buffet lunch. After lunch, we visited three military batteries. A battery in military terms refers to a group of guns placed together in a given area. Among the most popular and most-visited are Battery Way, Battery Hearn and Battery Grubbs.

We also got to drive by the ruins of the Middleside Barracks, the Corregidor Hospital and the Topside Barracks (said to be the longest military barracks in the world at the time it was built) before proceeding to the reconstructed Spanish Lighthouse.

Another important attraction of Corregidor is the Pacific War Memorial. It was built on the highest part of Corregidor's west side to honor both Filipino and American soldiers who fought during the Second World War. Completed in 1968, the memorial cost three million dollars to build.

Our last stop before boarding the ferry was Lorcha Dock from which Gen. MacArthur left for Australia. A statue of MacArthur stands at the dock reminding us of that momentous day in history. And no, he did not utter the famous words "I shall return!" from there. He said those words in Australia.

The day trip to Corregidor is really convenient. And you'll be back in Manila just in time to savor the famous Manila Bay sunset! But I'm definitely coming back for an overnight trip so that I could explore the many interesting sites outside the usual Corregidor tour.

Sun Cruises
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Roxas Boulevard, Manila
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  1. Anonymous29.1.09

    how much is the daytrip to corregidor? do they have it everyday?

  2. Yes tita, it's everyday. They charge P1,999 for everything which includes buffet lunch.

  3. Anonymous29.1.09

    My students and I were advised to stay in the island for a night last year! Sobrang lakas kasi ng hangin. Hehe. We made history in UPLB. Pag balik namin, para kaming survivors :))

  4. I might go back next month to do an overnight trip and visit the sites and batteries outside the usual tour

  5. Anonymous30.1.09

    I have been also in Corregidor and it's an overnight,even better than day tour i think.I am very much appreciated the night tour especially when we arrived to the Malinta Tunnel.The rocks are really amazing.Another thing to be complimented, the ferry is fast so i didnt notice that we are already there,so in just 1 hour dun kn!The best for nature lover as well as sa mga gustong mg-unwind!,perfect :)

  6. Anonymous30.1.09

    Yah, Corregidor is quite good and actually it comes to my mind that it's just only 1 hour from Manila and yet many from us doesnt experience the beauty of Corregidor.I actually got there just bcoz of my friend,,NO REGRET!..Explore Philippines first.

  7. Anonymous10.2.09

    for those who want to know more about Corregidor Tours, you can visit

  8. I was smitten by Corregidor - i love it there! I wish they'd do more promotions!!

    One complain tho.. I hope the hotel improves on the food choices.. :)

  9. Anonymous15.7.09

    Hi Ivan, do u know of any cheaper alternative to get to Corregidor? Wala bang ibang barko pumupunta doon aside from Sun Cruises? Can you go there via Bataan? Thanks

  10. Anonymous17.1.10

    you can go there via Bataan. but you will be using a smaller boat. and its a bit scary when you are travelling back in the late afternoon. masyado ng malakas ang alon. it's cheaper kung marami kayo kasi you are to rent a whole banka.

  11. Anonymous17.1.10

    you can travel via Bataan. Mariveles bus then banka to corregidor. cheaper kung madami kayo kasi you are to rent a whole banka. but travelling back in the late afternoon is a bit scary kasi sobrang lalaki na ng alon.

  12. im from baguio, how much does it cost to take a 1 day tour and an overnight stay in a hotel?tnx

  13. Anonymous31.1.12

    i am from pasig how much does it take for a 1 day tour

  14. Anonymous22.2.12

    I am from pampanga, Is there a way to get to corregidor via bataan..

  15. my girlfriend and i want to go to corregidor. i want to know how much does it take for a 1 day or overnight tour? we are planning to go there next week.


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