Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Longganisa Laoag (San Nicolas)

This Laoag longganisa is from the San Nicolas Public Market. The version is San Nicolas are said to be juicier (and more lethal) than the ones in Laoag itself since they contain more fat. These longganisas are finely-ground, on the salty side and fall in the derecado garlicky (or mabawang) category. Unlike the Vigan longganisa, Laoag has minimal vinegar or contains none at all.

Main article: Longanizas of the Philippines


  1. Anonymous30.1.09

    These longanisas were my favorites growing up. One piece would suffice a meal, too bad we don't have that here even though I tried to make it woun't come out the same.

  2. Anonymous7.2.09

    Thank you for labeling it "Longaniza Ilocos Norte". Many writer often mislabel "Ilocos Norte Longaniza" with "Vigan Longaniza", which I think is unfair because, in my humble opinion, "Ilocos Norte Longaniza" much more delicious that that of Vigan. Likewise with Bagnet. Bagnet in San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte are much more delicous than that of Vigan. One another common mistakes is also with the case of EMPANADA, the "orange empanada with mongo and papaya fillings" are that of Ilocos Norte (popular as the "Batac Empanada"). Vigan Empanada are "dirty white in color and with cabbage as a filling.

  3. Anonymous4.12.09

    To those who want mabawang (garlicky longganisa), you can purchase from me at 350 pesos per kilo only. The longgaisa I sell is direct from Ballesteros, Cagayan and is really very delicious. For more information, see You can contact me at 09178210225.

  4. I am an ilocana from washington USA and I am searching how to export longganisa from there to here. I wanna know how...So I can buy. Longganisa is one of my favorite ilocano food.

  5. Anonymous11.2.10

    There seem to be a brisk competition between IN and IS when it comes to food, based on Anonymous's comments! No offense. I love eating Vigan longganisa and I have yet to try IN's version. Then I can compare it myself. My wife is from IS and she's responsible in initiating Ilocano gastronomy to me.

  6. Hi guys, i am selling authentic ilocos longganisa from cagayan province. Feel free to visit my site for more information:

  7. these longanisas are the best.i got a boardmate in baguio before and every week end her parents use to send us thru fariƱas,its been a long time that we dont have communication and i am looking for her,she is from san nicolas,ilocos norte,her name was MINDA TABIOS before but i dont know if she is married already so she had change her family name .please give my direction( will appreciate if you extend my message to her


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