Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Longaniza Taal

This Batangas longaniza is from a roadside stall along the National Highway in Taal, Batangas. The meat is flavored with adobo marinade and garlic. The meat is not finely-ground and contains chunks of fat. It is slightly salty and would fall into the deredaco garlicky (or mabawang) category. This is commonly sold with tapa in stalls in Taal.

Main article: Longanizas of the Philippines


  1. wow! i love trying local delicacies! never tried longganizang taal before!

  2. It's one of the better known longanizas. And it tastes great!

  3. Anonymous1.2.09

    Masarap talaga ang longganisang Taal! Masarap ito isawsaw sa atsara na mula naman sa Calaca. Masarap nga din pala ang tapa sa Taal. Kaya ito chunky kasi hindi nila ginigiling, tinatadtad lang.

  4. Longganizas with less fat are also available in Taal market but they cost more. Equally popular and delicious is the Tapang Taal and Biko's famous Tamales...yummy! Check them out when you come and visit Taal.


  5. Longanisa Taal + Acharang Calaca = One Perfect Combination. Sarap, Lahat ng mga delicacies from Batangas na tikman ko na. Favorite ko yung Ginataang tulingan sa Kalamyas. Favorite ko to lalo na yung luto ng father-in-law ko.

  6. how much po at paano p makakaorder


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