Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Manila: Battle for Manila

As I've mentioned time and time again, Manila was devastated during the Second World War. Thus, with so much lost, the architectural heritage left standing today should be preserved for future generations of Filipinos. Just to give you an idea of the destruction, check out this 1945 footage of the only urban battle in the Pacific, where Manila was flattened to the ground. Today we wage a battle to preserve Manila's heritage!

Thanks to Hawayano of SkyscraperCity for uploading it on YouTube!

Heritage watch
Sino poachers caught with endangered fish in Tubbataha

BFAR to escort Chinese vessel out of Tubbataha?
Kudos to the Tubbataha Management Office for enforcing national and international laws with the arrest of poachers in the protected reef. Let's just hope no government official will throw his weight around and intervene for the fishermen and vessel owner.
Baguio City starts 1,000-day countdown to 2009 centennial
Now this is good news for Baguio City! The organizing committee has "decided to celebrate Baguio’s centennial as a three-year continuing advocacy for policies that would protect its American and Ibaloi heritage."
Facelift for Taguig lakeshore
This is great news for Taguig City if they are able to revive the old town district! It's good to hear that the legendary Napindan Lighthouse is finally getting the attention it deserves. Wow! That's a lot of good news for Philippine heritage today!

More from Ligligan Parul
While doing my rounds of YouTube, I found a video of the giant lantern of Barangay San Felipe, this year's champion. It was only now that I was able to review their first round routine and was impressed even more since the interplay of lights was simply exciting. Notice that they use the traditional marching band music. I'm going to get footage of the first round routines of the three winners from InfoMax8 so watch out for it. Anyway, here is the video.


  1. Anonymous27.12.06

    What a footage! This is the first time I've seen that newsreel showing the carnage in Manila during World War II. What utter destruction.

    Youtube and other internet sources and the people who share these with us are really deserving of being Time People of the Year.

    Thanks for sharing that Hawayano.

  2. Anonymous27.12.06

    de nada, Lili...I know it's hard to look at the atrocities and horror of war during what's supposedly "the most wonderful time of the year", but I tend to have difficulty forgetting those thousands of hopeful Filipino families whose Christmas 1944 would've been their last

    Here's to a year where peace will gain a better foothold on this planet

  3. Anonymous27.12.06

    Did they proceed with the building of that ugly fly over?

  4. Anonymous27.12.06

    Baguio, Daniel Burnham's well-planned "summer capital" of the American Empire, is yet another Philippine example of environmental degradation brought about by uncontrolled urban expansion in the name of GREED!

    Sayang--the whole area looks more like an eyesore today, and its visitor appeal is on rapid decline. When will we learn?

  5. Anonymous27.12.06

    I don't think Filipino's really understand proper urban planning. As an example, where can you find a fast food restaurant on church grounds.


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