Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy Rizal Day!

The networks will definitely be congested beginning tomorrow. Besides, it would be more meaningful to greet people today. So to all my friends... Happy Rizal Day! May Rizal's martyrdom remind us to love our country and be proud to be Filipinos!

Here are some of the lesser known quotations from Rizal's writings:
"They could serve the country more if they were in the Philippines. To serve our country, there is nothing like staying in it. It is there that we have to educate the people, it is there that we have to work." - Letter to Jose M. Basa, January 1889

"A nation wins respect not by covering up abuses, but by punishing them and condemning them." - The Philippines a Century Hence, La Solidaridad, 15 December 1889

"People and government are correlated and complementary. A stupid government is an anomaly among a righteous people, just as a corrupt people cannot exist under just rulers and wise laws. Like people, like government, we will say, paraphrasing a popular adage." - The Indolence of the Filipinos, La Solidaridad, 15 September 1890

Rizal in the news
Rizal joins ranks of Dickens, Austen
"JOSE Rizal’s 'Noli Me Tangere' has been published in a new English translation and released worldwide by Penguin Books, one of the major publishing houses of the English-speaking world, under the Penguin Classics imprint. The publication effectively canonizes the novel as one of the classics of world literature." All I can say is... wow!
National hero a prisoner of myths
This article by Ambeth Ocampo talks about and debunks urban legends on Rizal, such as the one which says he was the father of Adolf Hitler, and another that he was Jack the Ripper! Talk about imaginations running wild!

Heritage watch
China urged to stay away from case of Chinese ‘poachers’

Congress urged to probe poaching in Tubbataha Marine Park

I knew something like this was going to happen. It's a good thing the local provincial and church leaders as well as environment stakeholders in Palawan are not letting down their guard.


  1. Anonymous1.1.07

    "Ivan About Town. A terrific blog to be sure! He can travel the known and (unknown) places in the country, and ‘bring’ you there with the way he writes. I have one intriguing question - how does he travel that much? With a teleporter?!"

  2. Anonymous1.1.07

    "Part of the joy of blogging is getting around to other blogs and interacting with them. Here’s a sampling of Filipino blogs we visited and those who came knocking on our doors, in no particular order (we’re not playing faves, ‘k, coz we really love the variety of Filipino blogs we’ve interacted with)... 6. Ivan About Town, Deebeedee and Better than Life are great places to visit too."

  3. Your title and picture are a jarring mix (Happy Rizal Day? showing him getting shot in the back??)

    Oh well, please join the lively discussion on Rizal Day at Filipino Voices...

    As the Catholic Taliban Sing Hallelujah

  4. Don't we celebrate and commemorate his martyrdom?


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