Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Malaysia: Chocolate overload in KL

I'm in KL for a business trip. So the only place I got to visit today, aside from KLCC of course, was Beryl’s Chocolate Kingdom where I had a chocolate overload! The factory churns out over a hundred varieties of high quality chocolate candies at prices cheaper than those in the same quality range. They use beans from Ghana, a recognized source of high quality cocoa beans. And since there are just so many kinds of chocolate candies from durian to tongkat ali, coconut and tiramisu, they give visitors samples to help you pick!

After resting a bit, I went around nearby KLCC to kill time. I wasn't in the mood to buy anything so I just enjoyed taking photos of the Petronas twin towers.

After strolling around KLCC, I met up with the rest of the group for dinner at the Pacifica Bar and Grill of the Mandarin Oriental. For my meal, I could not resist the temptation to order Wagyu beef! So I did! Yummy!

Ciento Comico

The night before we arrived in KL, I watched the hilarious Ciento Comico, a comedy show produced by the UPAA for the UP Centennial. I had complimentary tickets since many of my brods were major sponsors.

It was a great show! Willie Nepomuceno spoofed Erap and did it so well, you couldn't tell the difference. And little did I know that I would meet the real President Estrada later in the evening at a party of a brod. Yes people, that's really him!


  1. Anonymous1.1.08

    Oh my God, chocolate galore! That will be my main reason to go to Kuala Lumpur... Hay, your pictures have me drooling.

  2. The thing I liked about the place was they had samples for all their products! Haha! So I went around tasting all their chocolates!

  3. Anonymous1.1.08

    great pictures! it's cool that you're wearing a barong ;)

  4. Yup, I had a meeting at the Ghana High Commission in KL. So that explains the barong. Hehe!

  5. Chocolates, wow, that I got to see when I go back to KL sometime (hopefully this new year 2008).

    Woah, even though I'm not into Erap for his political career, still I'd like to meet him and take pictures also with (still) a popular guy. That's a lucky nice shot with him, there!

  6. You're right there. No one can deny that he is still popular. For me, I just wanted to have a photo with a person in our history books. It would be cool to show it off 20 years from now. Hehe!


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