Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pampanga: Off-road racing in Pampanga

What do quarrying and 4x4s have in common? With all that hullabaloo and hubbub over quarry profits in Pampanga, one thing is certain, after wreaking havoc on the province, lahar has now become a treasure. With lahar, Pampanga is also becoming a venue for 4x4 off-road competitions.

The morning of December 8, my classmates together with our professor had to meet with Gov. Ed Panlilio since our group project in class will be on Pampanga. I knew he would be busy with the Pampanga Day festivities. So when I told the governor's chief-of-staff that we were willing to meet with him anywhere, we were serious. As soon as we arrived, we located Among and rushed to the Gugu Dike in Bacolor where he was going to open the Pampanga Offroad Challenge 2007. And aside from the meeting, we got to enjoy the show as well. Thanks to Dennis for the pictures.

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