Friday, December 14, 2007

Manila: Sunset at the Manila Yacht Club

It was a great opportunity to view the Manila Bay sunset! I just came from a frat party at the Manila Yacht Club. And I purposely arrived there early a while ago so that I could take photos of the yachts and the sunset.

Itself a piece of history, the club was founded in 1927. Now on its 80th year, it has hosted an international regatta, serves as the training ground for our teams to international yachting events such as the Olympics and SEA Games, and is an important venue for social gatherings.


  1. I hope they've maintained the Manila Yacht Club well. It's the perfect place to view the famous, tourist-friendly sunset, something which the Taal Lake, popular as it is now among sailors, can't stake a claim to.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Yes, I'm sure they will. The shares are too expensive for the members to neglect the club. Hehe!

  3. Check out this view of the Yacht Club,

    Looks fantastic at night with all the lights.

    Realtime, and archived feeds from a camera looking right down on the club.

  4. oops forgot the link to the Manila Yacht Club...

    Check out the night time views, of the yacht club, this camera looks straight down on it.

    Nice place.

  5. Thanks for the photo! Which building was it taken from?


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