Sunday, January 13, 2008

Boracay: Cocomangas Boracay delivers pizza!

I was quite worried that I could not get a midnight snack from where I was. It was raining and walking to White Beach to get some grub was out of the question. The restaurants in Diniwid Beach were closed by this time as well. But there was no reason to fret since Cocomangas delivers pizzas up to 2 a.m. anywhere in Boracay!

There were so many kinds to choose from. I asked the lady taking my order to give me a sampling of their best-sellers. But when I found out that their pizzas were the same price for all kinds (XL - PHP482, 16 slices; L - PHP360, 8 slices; and S - PHP228, 4 slices), I got an XL-sized Halo-Halo which was everything on it! And no, I didn't eat the whole pizza. I shared it with Abe, Anton and Lauren.

Cocomangas Pizza
Tel No. +63 36 2884455


  1. Anonymous15.1.08

    Hoy Ivan! easy lang sa pagkain!!! talaga to o! :)

  2. Hahaha! I needed a midnight snack. Buti nalang may delivery ang Cocomangas. Don't worry, I shared it with the other bloggers. :P

  3. There's another good delivery service from Yellow Cab pizza, though not as late. They also do pasta, filled potatos and chicken wings.
    Smoke Resto has a 24 hour delivery service for tasty Filipino food.

  4. Anonymous8.3.12

    Cocomangas pizza is good, but to pay 620php for a large pizza and two cokes is rather expensive!! We thought to share a large between two people...not a chance! We were still starving!


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