Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pampanga: Wandering around the Candaba Bird Sanctuary

Many may have noticed the Candaba Viaduct, that long bridge connecting Bulacan and Pampanga along the NLEX, but do not realize that that around it is a very important ecosystem, the Candaba Bird Sanctuary. The Candaba Swamp has always been a vital haven for migratory birds. It is so important that it has been nominated to the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance.

If you haven't seen the Candaba Bird Sanctuary, here's your chance. On February 1 and 2, Candaba will be organizing the Ibon Ebon Festival. And Candaba has enough reason to celebrate. According to the results of the recent Asian Waterbird Census, the conservation efforts of the town are working! The festival features the migratory birds (ibon or ayup in Kapampangan) and the municipality's growing duck-egg (ebun) industry.

For some reason, we found ourselves exploring the Candaba Bird Sanctuary today. I was with my classmates doing a windshield survey in Pampanga for our class project. And we wandered into Candaba's bird watching zone.

We first stopped by the Bird Watching Information Center where Mayor Jerry Pelayo was busy meeting with festival organizers. After asking for directions, we proceeded to the area. And it was a great place to be in indeed! And I'm sure it would be fun to come back on the festival dates since members of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines will be there to guide visitors around the whole day. For the festival schedule, click here.

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Municipality of Candaba
Tourist Information Center
+63 45 6321299


  1. Another Festival?
    Great... I will see if I can make it.

  2. I placed a link of the schedule. You can check out the activities there.

  3. Anonymous29.1.08

    wow, salamat sa pag-post kapatid. naengganyo akong mag-birdwatch, would you know how to get to Candaba from Cubao?

  4. From Cubao, take a bus to San Fernando, Pampanga. You can take the buses to Olongapo and get off in San Fernando. From San Fernando, take a jeep to Candaba. There should be jeeps available in SM Pampana.

  5. Thanks for the link. It is rare you get the exact schedule of activities well in advance.
    Thanks again !

    Will practice the itik itik dance at home first. ;-)

  6. Have fun at the festival!

  7. Anonymous31.1.08

    thanks ivan! love your site, by the way.

  8. Anonymous1.2.08

    Hi Ivan, do they have a good place to really watch/observe/photgraph those birds. Does it have a viewing area of some sort like a park?

  9. Yes, it's in Barangay Simang. It's not a park. Basically, it's the birds in their natural environment and rice fields.

  10. i've read an agreement between the philippines (through MWSS) and a chinese corporation to develop or use candaba swamp as an alternative source of irrigation and potable water. i'm not sure about the status of this and its potential impacts on the ecosystem but it's worth a look.

  11. Anonymous6.2.12

    panu pumunta sa candaba?? from mo


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