Friday, January 18, 2008

Bahamas: Lomo in Paradise Island & Nassau, Bahamas

Since Nassau, Bahamas is sandwiched in between two of our great beaches in the best beaches list, I'm posting photos taken by my younger sister Ria in Paradise Island and Lighthouse Beach in Nassau the other week. She's my first guest poster in the blog.

The beaches were beautiful -- blue green water, fine white sand, huge waves in some areas. I was also surprised how the Bahamas looked like a beach area in the Philippines. There were coconut trees lining the beaches and roadside, handicraft and bead shops everywhere, and locals offering hair braiding.

My hotel was right across what is called, Lighthouse Beach (so named because there's a view of the lighthouse in neighboring Paradise Island). From there, you can just walk to downtown Nassau where there's a lot to see -- the pier where the big cruise ships dock, Straw Market (the Bahamas version of our tiangge selling souvenirs, straw and wooden crafts, Bob Marley bags and shirts, rasta hats, and even the usual DVDs and some knock-off bags made in China), Bahamian historic sites, shopping, shopping for jewelry and diamonds, and a choice of local restaurants and fast food chains. US dollars and Bahamian dollars are accepted interchangeably on the island because the exchange rate is US$1 = Bahamian$1.

The locals spoke with a "rasta" accent and the drivers would play some reggae, Bob Marley type of music in their cabs. To get to Paradise Island, you can just ride a taxi or a ferryboat. There's a big hotel/resort/amusement center over there called Atlantis -- casinos, giant aquarium, beach front, etc. The beach in Paradise Island is beautiful as well and the waves are huge. The birds weren't afraid of the people on the beach and would just be hovering nearby. Bottom line, Bahamas is beautiful.

Diana camera 151, Agfa RSXII 120 slide film, cross processed. More photos here.

Lomo LC-A, Agfa Precisa 100, cross processed. More photos here.


  1. Anonymous18.1.08

    gosh, i love love love want your job! ;)

  2. It's the first guest post in my blog. My sister was there last week :)

  3. Anonymous18.1.08

    u've been to the bahamas? astig!!!!

  4. I wish! Hehe! It was my sister was there last week.

  5. Anonymous18.1.08

    that lighthouse is so familiar! i've been to bahamas and stayed at nassau palm resort on bay street, in front of junkanoo beach and paradise island where the lighthouse is located. did your sister stay nearby?


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