Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Backpackers accommodation in Manila

Since I reside in the Metro Manila area, there is no need for me to stay at backpackers accommodation in Manila. But I do get queries about cheap accommodation. So I checked out the backpackers haven of Manila which is in Malate to find out where backpackers can stay. Here are some of them:

Friendly's Guesthouse
One of the more popular backpackers accommodation in the Malate area. They have fan dormitory rooms at PHP290 per person and AC dorm rooms at PHP340 per person. Fan rooms with shared bath start at PHP450. AC rooms with common bath start at PHP800 a night. While AC rooms with private bath start at PHP900 a night.
1750 M. Adriatico corner Nakpil Streets, Malate, Manila
+63 2 4898897 / 4469908
+63 917 3331418

Malate Pensionne
It's in the same complex as Portico Restaurant. You can't miss it since there is a Starbucks store in front. Fan dorm rooms are PHP350 per person. Fan rooms are PHP750 a night. While AC rooms with private bath start at PHP1400. They also accept credit cards.
1771 M. Adriatico Street, Malate, Manila
+63 2 5238304 to 06

Stargate Pensionne
Fan rooms with private bath are PHP850 a night. While AC rooms start at PHP988 a night.
1711 M. Adriatico Street, Malate, Manila
+63 2 3036572 to 75

Joward's Pension House
Fan rooms with common bath start at PHP275 a night. AC rooms with shared bath start at PHP525 a night. While AC rooms with private bath start at PHP625 a night.
1730 M. Adriatico Street, Malate, Manila
+63 2 3383191

Bukingham Pension
Fan rooms are PHP500 a night. AC rooms with common bath are PHP800 a night. While AC rooms with private bath starts at PHP1000.
Gen. Malvar Street, Malate, Manila
+63 2 5253663

Juan's Place
This is the cheapest it could get. And don't expect much since it's an apartment in a rundown alley right beside Malate Pensionne. They charge PHP180 per person for dorm rooms and PHP250 a night for fan rooms.

There are no buses direct from the airport (NAIA) to Malate. So the easiest way to get there is by taxi. Remember though that airport taxis at the Arrival Area are quite expensive. So to cut down on costs, you simply have to go up to the Departure Area on the second floor and flag down a metered taxi from there. And if the driver tries to haggle for a fixed rate, find another one! From Clark, take a bus to Pasay and get a cab from there to Malate. Here's more on the Clark Airport: How to get to and from the Clark Airport.

Do you know of any other reliable backpackers accommodation in Manila? Leave a comment to let us know.


  1. Anonymous23.4.08

    Nice, very informative, it's a reference. Not just for backpackers.:-)

  2. Anonymous23.4.08

    Great site, definately will visit it again regular. Don`t know if suitable as Backbackers accomodation, but fan rooms at Sandico Apartelle are also available from 750 Php on:

    Sandico Apartelle

    M.H. del Pilar Street, Ermita
    Tel. 523-8180

    Room Type Daily--Weekly--Monthly

    Single Aircon --990---950--799
    Double Aircon -1200- 1150--960
    Single Fan ---750 -700---600

    It`s above Hussy`s: http://www.gvurl.info/673b59

    Greetings from Boracay :)

  3. Anonymous23.4.08

    The more expensive ac rooms are already close in price to half decent places in Makati. In case some of you dont want to in makati.

    Durbans Inn
    Fersal Hotel

  4. my friend from hawaii once stayed at malate pensionne and apparently it was quite a nice stay. quite cheap, and the place seemed okay enough. they're pretty strict with the no-guest-in-the-room rule.

    the location is in a bustling, well-lit (meaning, safe-looking) area, as are a number of places in malate. there's also a starbucks right outside which serves as both a street landmark (for first-timers getting there) and a convenient hangout for backpackers and non-backpackers alike.

  5. Anonymous24.4.08

    This is great info :)

  6. Anonymous25.4.08

    I'm just wondering, why don't we have more backpackers around here? The food's cheap, the nightlife's great, an average taho vendor can speak better English than half of HK's populace, and the accommodations are okay.

    I refuse to believe it's because of crime, the fear of getting ripped off, or the traffic. You have more of that in Bangkok, and look at all the backpackers they have.

    Maybe what we lack is awareness.

  7. Anonymous29.4.08

    slowly...we're getting there. thanks to the budget airlines. it used to be very difficult for travellers to reach pinas but now u can fly from other SEA cities via cebupac,tiger or air asia. DOT should shift their focus on the backpackers and not the old-white guy tourists. these backpackers are the younger travellers who have access to the internet and it's easier for them to tell other travellers to visit the philippines through blogs and social networking sites. DOT should look at them as marketing tools too!

    we can also do our part. let's give them the link to sites like ivan's which could give them detailed info of what they can do if they want to visit the philippines.
    so far, useful ang site ni ivan sa mga backpacker friends ko from singapore.

    keep it up!

  8. Anonymous6.10.08

    I believe one reason why there aren’t that many backpackers in the Philippines is because it is an archipelago, making it inaccessible through land travel unlike the rest of the countries in South East Asia. One can simply ride a bus from Singapore to Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand etc. but going to the Philippines is different – one needs to fly – making it more expensive to visit the country.

  9. Anonymous11.10.08

    I'm making an internship in manila starting in march 09, my office will be in makati and that's the reason why I would prefer to stay near....are there any possibilities for students to stay in safe, furnished flats for less than 1000 $ in makati? I could afford 400-600, I guess.

  10. You can try Asian Mansion II. That's in dela Rosa Avenue in the Makati business district. I was there the other day and there was one for Php20k furnished. The previous tenant was some French guy.

  11. Anonymous17.12.08

    Backpackers can also try the Tamaraw Hostel at the 3rd floor of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) building at 181 Natividad Almeda-Lopez Street, Malate, Manila... the place is just across SM City Manila and accessible by jeepney, bus (drop at Manila City Hall) or LRT (Central Station).

    For inquiries, you can contact my friend Bengie at 527-8317 ask to be connected to the Hostel. By the way, the place has ample parking space and has security personnel 24/7.

  12. Does the Tamaraw Hostel has their own website?

  13. Anonymous10.4.09

    hi thank you for an informative info on pension houses......appreciate it very much! but i wonder why mabini pension house also in malate is not included in your list?....just asking

  14. Joward's Pension House got bured...

    We stayed at Stargate Pensionne from January 31, 2009 - February 2, 2009. The place was ok. With towel, toothbrush, toothpaste and soap. I love the sliding door of the bathroom. Aircon is split type. However, no window in most rooms.

  15. Anonymous29.4.09

    Thank you for your infomation! Anyone knows the contact phone number of Juan's Place at Malate?? or e-mail address?? Thanks..

  16. Anonymous29.4.09

    Thanks a lot! can u please let me know the contact phone number of Juan's place at Malate?

  17. Anonymous2.5.09

    Malate area:
    I stayed 1 night at Pension Natividad, a great place with a very good atmosphere. Families, backpackers, couples sitting outside chatting with each other. Last night a guy played guitar. My room was 1000 PHP private bathr. and fan. Dorms are way cheaper. A bit old furniture but roomy (espec. bathroom) and fairly clean. I would have stayed there longer, but I couldn't sleep. It is along a road where jeepneys pass. But I hang around there even while I don't sleep there.

    Now I stay at Malate Pensionne,
    Fanroom shared bathroom 750PHP. It is in an area that "never sleeps". You hear a lot of music at night, and right now they are building next door (8:00 am sharp ;)

    Next time I will choose an other area, because of the noise.
    Malate is a very vibrant area, but old. Poor people sleep on the street or begging while you eat...
    Sometimes it is more than I can handle...
    I haven't seen like this during my 2 months stay in Thailand. But people are great! I can only imagine how people are in the rest of the Philippines.


  18. Hi, Ivan!

    I am a passionate, genuine backpacker who finally succeeded in convincing my friends to help me set up a backpacking joint in Makati. I'd like to request you to please promote it. We just sealed the contract with the building administrator today and I have just written my first blog about it.

    The place is a 7-bed & breakfast budget A/C accommodation in the cozy central district of Barangay Bel-Air, Makati City; comfortable, friendly and trendy, it is nested in Unit 5-K, Azotea de Bel-ar Condo, Polaris St., Makati City, Philippines. Contact numbers are: ☎ (+63 2)812-6535 or mobile (+63 917)832-8539 c/o Lani, (+63 917)803-9428 c/o Kidz.

    Thank you so much for your help. Lights and blessings, too.

  19. Hi, Ivan!

    Thank you again so much for allowing me to post an advert regarding our newly opened hostel. Your generous support translated to several inquiries & some have in fact confirmed bookings.

    Just for the info of everyone, one night accommodation in OUR MELTING POT HOSTEL costs P750.00, inclusive of modest breakfast. Best located, I should say, coz the hostel is right in the heart of Makati City where the happenings in bars, pubs & restos abound minus the sometimes unsightly scenes of too many beggars/vagabonds in the streets. Still, it's in the cozy peaceful corner where you enjoy a good nite rest as well.

    For those who seek to communicate with us online, they may just email ourmeltingpotbackpackers@gmail.com or visit our blog at http://ourmeltingpotbackpackers.blogspot.com/

    God bless,


  20. Anonymous30.3.10

    interesting referrals here for backpackers stay inn. i have a friend coming over to Manila this coming May and i have also been scouting for an apartment for him to stay for 2 wks or 1 month.
    ive been to Friendlys Guesthouse personally and im still on the road to more options and other budget apartelles.
    any suggestions is welcome, thanks!


  21. Anonymous9.4.10

    Try Our Melting Pot Hostel located in the heart of makati. It's nice has the best location to around and quite helpful staff/owners.

    visit their related blog/site:



  22. Anonymous29.8.10

    Hello...can you recommend for a cheap accommodations near manila ocean park?...we are family of 2 adults and i child...salamat po

  23. Anonymous6.1.11

    hi.. just wanna ask if you can suggest a place to stay in bautista st., malate? complete address and contact numbers please.. need asap.. tnx so much..

  24. Anonymous24.3.11

    Hi ivan!

    Hope you could visit our hotel which is very close to Cubao public buses. The name of the hotel is called Stone House Quezon City. Try visiting our website www.stonehouse.ph . Looking forward to seeing oyu.

  25. I'd like to give a shout out to a new hostel in Makati, it's called "Our Melting Pot" , I would highly recommend it, it is in a new building and is probably the cleanest and most modern hostel in the Philippines, the staff are superb. it is upscale and cost more but, worth it.

  26. Anonymous21.8.11

    hi,its my 3rd time already in manila and i stayed in shugon suites 4 almost 4 days everytime my husband arrived in mnila,i brought my child.Its really a safe place nd vry cheap room rates,fully aircon and clean.at 1500 breakfast is free,food is affordable.Staff were nice,they provide free tranportation frm airport.all i can say is excellent!!! by d way i jst want to ask what is the nearest but cheapest place to stay near marlow navigation office at malate?

  27. Anonymous3.9.11

    hello, ivan! i am a teacher and i annually bring students (usually 100+ pax)to Manila during fieldtrips or lakbay aral. .we usually slept at gwapotel in the previous years because of its comparatively cheap rates. but now i am looking for alternative, more decent and of course more affordable rates for students. we usually stay for two nights. may i ask help from you? thanks. .

  28. Anonymous27.9.11

    For backpackers looking for lodging around Makati, you can refer to this --> http://ladyoutdoor.blogspot.com/2011/03/budget-accommodations-around-makati.html

  29. Anonymous18.10.11

    backpackers better stay in malate.makati is high class proper and people there dont really wanna look messy dreadlocks and funny thai elephant sissypacks...though makati might be also bit too prizy for backpackers budget

  30. Nice info. Keep it up. Manila rocks! Love it.

  31. Anonymous1.11.11

    do you know of a cheap place to stay near MOA?

  32. Yes! Our Melting Pot Hostel is the best cheap place to stay near MOA, you can reach MOA for only 15 minutes ;-) Our Melting Pot is located in the heart of Makati City- known as the (Business Club of the Philippines) Very cheap but beautiful Hostel in a Classy, Big City!

  33. Anonymous6.11.11

    hi good pm.im shubee from bacolod ..looking for a cheap pension house to stay with my family aound makati area:) 4 days lodging.thanks

  34. Hi,
    Can you give me a rates for 5 days/nights
    accomodation with Fan Room with private CR/common CR. Please email at

  35. This is great. Not only does it apply to foreign tourist but for us probinsyanos who has no relatives in Manila to stay with and for those who are looking for cheap accommodations that are near the top tourist spots.

  36. I really like you blog Ivan! Keep up the great work.

  37. may i know what is the cheapest pension near arquiza st.? thank you!

  38. Anonymous12.7.12

    hi! does anyone know of a cheap accommodation near HP village square in mabini st?

  39. Anonymous30.5.13

    I've been living in Leyte for two years.
    Usually get up to Manila every 6 months to visit my doctor (VA Clinic, Pasay).
    I usually stay in Makati but prices are reaching the intolerable range.
    I'll be trying pensionnes next trip in August.
    I stay in pensionnes in Cebu, not sure why I haven't thought of it before, for Manila.
    A great site.
    Thanks for the info.


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