Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Rizal: Nemiranda and the Blanco Family Museum

After lunch, we visited the Nemiranda Art House which houses the Angono School of Arts. Of all the galleries we visited today, this is the one I've already been to during the Higantes Festival in 2006. In fact, we had a sumptuous fiesta lunch courtesy of the artist himself.

There were several paintings on display in his gallery. But one painting called Isang Kahig Isang Tuka struck me because of the powerful symbolisms used. It's a woman giving birth to her sixth child. Behind her on the left are her five other children holding cigarettes and garlands of sampaguita which they sell on the street. In front of them is a plate with a single piece of galunggong. Behind her on the right is her husband drinking. While beside here is the statue of the Sto. Nino and placed under it is an unused condom. Sad but true, this painting tells us about realities here in the Philippines don't you think?

Our last stop was the Blanco Family Museum. The family of Jose "Pitok" Blanco and his wife Loring is so unique because they and their children namely: Glenn, Noel, Michael, Joy, Jan, Gay and Peter Paul are all master painters in their own right. And they all follow the school of Realism, depicting subjects as they appear in everyday life.

Walking around the museum was a wonderful experience because of the beautiful images of the country and beyond which they have captured in their paintings. This is indeed a must visit for everyone.

I had to leave early since I had to catch my class. So I was not able to join the group when they visited what is probably the oldest existing artwork in the Philippines, the Angono Petroglyphs in Binangonan. But since I've been there already, just check out my previous entry on it.

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Part 2: Lunch at Balaw-Balaw Restaurant in Angono

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  1. Anonymous9.4.08

    Very good post about this country's Art Capital. I wish to visit Angono the soonest time possible. Can you give me the contact details of a point person?

    Thank you.

  2. hi.. im wOndering.. where is the exact pLace.. hOw can i get there?.. i reaLLy need tO gO in that art gaLLery.. ahm.. hOw much is the entrance fee? tnx.. =)

  3. You can ask around once you get to Angono. The locals know where the major art galleries are. Entrance fee is affordable. It's free during the fiesta. Hehe!

  4. Anonymous10.2.09

    hi, the exact location of the BLANCO FAMILY MUSEUM is 312 B IbaƱez Street, Angono, Rizal, Phillipines...... can also call tel. number 651-0048.

  5. Been searching the web for weekend trips around Manila. I'm really glad you have a space to keep us abreast with artists' havens.


  6. Also check out my post on top weekend destinations around Metro Manila. Thanks!

  7. Hey you can find the Nemiranda Arthouse here in Angono, you can go directly to the museum or have a stop at Tatay Mesio's Inihaw-Binalot Resto-Gallery (which Nemiranda also owned, serves affordable meal daily! ) to ask how to go to Nemiranda Art House. This is located at Manila East Road, cor. Donya Justa St., Angono, Rizal. Telephone # 651-3867


  8. nabisita ko lang ang dalawang museum na ito at talagang wow na wow talaga. magkaiba ang atake nila sa kanilang painting.

    si nemiranda sa kanyang malawak na imahinasyon at yung sa blanco family naman ay detalyado at realism.


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