Friday, April 11, 2008

Romblon: SEAIR's Let 410 UVP-E back to Manila

I had an early morning SEAIR flight from Tablas back to Manila. It was my first time to ride in a Let 410 UPV-E plane. This 19-seater plane is quite versatile since it could service both paved and unpaved airstrips.

The plane flew lower than the usual commercial aircrafts so I got to take really nice aerial shots.


  1. how much did it cost you? is it much cheaper? thanks

  2. The round trip flight is about P5900. It's better than the 10-hour ferry especially when you don't have the luxury of time :)

  3. i boarded a similar aircarft with asian spirit to busuanga three years ago. did your check-in procedure with seair include having yourself weighed at the scale ivan? we had to and thought that was unusual.

  4. Yes, they did. Thanks for reminding me. They had to weigh all passengers together with the hand-carried luggage. This is to balance the weight inside the airplane.


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