Sunday, February 08, 2009

Corregidor Island: Battery Hearn

Battery Hearn is another of the relatively intact Corregidor artillery batteries one visits during the regular island tour. Constructed from 1918 to 1921 at a cost of $148,105, Hearn and companion Battery Smith were the last major caliber sea coast artillery built on Corregidor before the Washington Disarmament Treaty of 1922.

Battery Hearn was part of Battery Smith (Battery Smith Gun No. 2) until 1937 when it was renamed Hearn in honor of Brigadier General Clint C. Hearn who commander the harbor defenses on Manila and Subic Bay in 1919.

It was armed with a 12-inch (305mm) gun model 1895A2, mounted on a Barbette Carriage Model 1917, which with a maximum firing elevation of 35 degrees, could fire a 1,000-pound (454.5kg) shell propelled by a 270-pound (122.7kg) separately loaded bagged charge to a range of 30,000 yards 17 miles or 7.4 km.

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