Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Longaniza Cebu (Carmen)

Another sweet (or matamis) longaniza, this Cebu longaniza was being sold and grilled at a bus stopover in Carmen, Cebu.

Main article: Longanizas of the Philippines


  1. very informative, thanks

  2. myrnahot1.4.10

    Oh yummy longaniza. Two of my h/school friend are making n selling them in the Carmen public market. Rock on Carmen

  3. Anonymous8.11.11

    i've tasted this cebu longganiza when i visited cebu and it really taste good. the only thing is i can't bring home one to batanes coz it is prohibited due to FMD scare. our province is FMD free. can anybody who knows the recipe kindly share it to me, pls?


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