Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pangasinan: Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan

Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan is one of the iconic attractions of the Philippines. We've learned about it through our elementary text books and seen it extensively in our tourism campaigns. Ironically, I only got to visit it recently. But the visit, albeit short, was most definitely worth it.

Visiting the Hundred Islands is very simple. Just make your way to Barangay Lucap in Alaminos where boats are available. There are standard rates as well so no need to haggle. Just check with the dispatchers office as soon as you get there. You can do this as a day trip if you leave Manila early. But it's best to experience Hundred Islands by staying at least overnight.

Anyway, the boat will take you to Governor's Island where you can climb several steps to a view deck for the Hundred Islands. You can opt to swim there or proceed to Quezon Island where the white sand beach is much better or rent kayaks and snorkeling equipment. But if you want a beach all to yourself, you can ask the boat driver to take you to other islands with small beaches.

I actually enjoyed Quezon Island since there's a lot to do there. And if you get hungry, there are sari-sari stores as well. I had other beaches to visit that day so I was back in the mainland just in time for lunch. While you're in Alaminos, make sure to try their longganisa. The city also has a lot of ancestral homes and I really hope they preserve them.

Part 1: Visita iglesia to Western Pangasinan churches
Part 3: Tondol White Sand Beach in Anda, Pangasinan during high tide


  1. Anonymous4.3.09

    Ivan. Sue and I used to go with our friends from Baguio to Hundred Islands. It was beautiful and lots of fun. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Hey Z! It's a really nice place. I enjoyed my short visit.

  3. Anonymous22.3.09

    Hi Ivan, My Mom is from San Fernando and I was born in USA. I still have lots of relatives in PI and it is my dream to go there one day, as well as my other eight siblings here in CALI. Thank you for the info on the Giant Lanterns and the pix of Hundred Islands, awesome. I have only heard about these things and not to the magnitude of your postings, Thank you Sweetie. Ronnie, Carlsbad, CA

  4. Hi Ivan,

    Could you quote the standard boat rates? I plan to go island hopping as well this summer but I'm not sure if that will fit in my budget.


  5. The small boat is PHP800. That's the amount I paid for the boat.

  6. wow! PHP 800 IS a reasonable price. I thought it's 1500 up. Thanks for your quick response, Ivan! ^_^

  7. hi ivan!i really love your webpage!actually im a nature lover di q pa alam naexpress!ehehehe!call center agent kc aq kya no time to go out of town.im planning to go in hundred island this coming 1st week of sept.can you help me how to go there?from manila aq.sakay kmi ng victory liner sa cubao via alaminos.tama po ba?then when we arrive at Alaminos whats next?wat na po gawin nmin papunta sa hundred island?mgkano po budget ng mga rooms dun?we're planning a 3days,2nights stay. you can also email me at lovelyred_17@yahoo.com
    thank you in advance!

  8. efiram30.10.09

    hi there!!! just want to know how much do i need to budget in hundred islands for two persons only including the hotel the island hopping and going to the cave...

    thanks in advance

  9. Alaminos is lovely!
    I truly hope we were able to stay longer :)

  10. Anonymous12.2.10

    hi..my friends and i are planning to go to alaminos..cant you tell me tell me an estimate amt for the expenses..we're planning stay in alaminos for 2 days..

  11. Hi there, I've been here twice, summer last year and summer this year... this is my first ever island hopping experience. cant wait to have more. thanks!

    visit my hundred islands adventure here.

  12. hello! our organization in school will be a having a fieldtrip at hundred islands.. i've heard that is really amazing to be there. i wish we will be satisfied in that place. So excited for the trip :)

  13. Never been to Hundred Islands. Ganda .

  14. All in all, how much is the budget for the whole trip. Hindi commute ah, tips pls. Thanks ivan. :)

  15. Anonymous3.5.12

    okay lang kaya if kasama ko yung son ko 2yrs old pa lang sya. maeenjoy kaya nya? safe ba?


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