Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Apayao: Ruins of old Pudtol Church

Apayao does not have that many attractions. But I was told its has old church ruins. And one of them is in the Pudtol Church in the town of Pudtol, which you can access via the northern part of Cagayan. So from Ilocos Norte, I drove to Cagayan, then to Apayao.

Pudtol is about 20 kilometers from the junction of the National Highway. It was just a quick visit. So after taking photos, I drove back to Cagayan en route to Kalinga.


  1. scheduling this first week of december :)

  2. pre, may nag scrape ata nito:

  3. Quite disappointing ha! Thanks for letting me know

  4. Apayao has much to offer, Sir Ivan. The Lussok Cave can be found there. They also have the Marag Valley rock formations and others caves, rivers, and falls. Hope you can find time to visit these places and feature them in your blog. These places are breathtaking. Look for Rebecca Tamaken, Apayao's tourism officer. Thanks.


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