Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Looking back at the WOW Philippines TV ad campaign

WOW Philippines is no doubt the best tourism promotion campaign the Department of Tourism ever came up with to date. If we come up with a new one, this definitely sets the standard. Part of the campaign was the slogan Philippines, it's more than the usual which came with great TV commercials that aired internationally. The commercials are brief, concise, creative and catchy enough to grab the attention of those watching CNN. Kudos to BBDO / Guerrero Ortega for this wonderful campaign!

Our neighbors have had tourism campaigns that are at least a decade old, surviving several changes in governments. The multi-awarded Malaysia Truly Asia campaign was launched in 1999 and after eleven years and five tourism ministers, it continues to entice tourists to visit Malaysia. Amazing Thailand is even older, having been launched in 1997. Despite political instability and several changes in government, it remains as Thailand's tourism brand. After its launch in 2002, the Incredible India campaign has become a strong brand for Indian tourism. So I thus can't understand why the current execs of the Department of Tourism want to get rid of a brand our country has worked so hard to build and invested so much money on. Read more in What's the point of rebranding?


  1. why fix it if it aint broken? just because theres a budget earmarked for it?

  2. Anonymous17.11.10

    Correct! Why fix it? IA bunch of juveniles in the government as many would say.

  3. I totally agree with you. Why get rid of something that actually works! All they need to do is give more exposure to the WoW Philippines brand. A very strong brand at that!

    Just enhance it. Don't totally replace it!

    I do hope these people change their minds about rebranding our tourism.

  4. Well its just that simple WOW Philippines is recognize as a successful branding by Senator Dick Gordon, they just want to have their own recognition and doesn't recognize what he had done for our country!


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