Monday, December 27, 2010

Pampanga: Giant Lantern Festival 2010

Better late than never! Congratulations to Barangay Santa Lucia for winning the Giant Lantern Festival 2010. They beat defending champions Barangay Dolores who placed second this year. Completing the top three is Barangay San Nicolas.

It's actually very difficult to judge the competition. But I guess the winners were quite obvious this year. I felt though that we need to jazz up the music next year for better audience impact. It should be a mix and remix of Christmas, pop and traditional music. It's also weird that some entries had similar music for the first round. I hope they become more creative next year and invest on the festival pieces.

See you all at the Giant Lantern Festival 2011 on December 17, 2011!


  1. truly, nothing beats the way we spend Christmas in the Philippines... Congratulations to the winners!!!

  2. thats really cool way to celebrate Christmas

  3. true.. i was there.. and i almost feel asleep watching.. maybe they can do a medley of Glee, then christmas songs and some jazz.. i dont know how they will do it.. but listening to those music and how the lanterns dance to those beats will definitely enjoyable.. but nonetheless... Congratulations to all the winners!


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