Monday, December 20, 2010

Philippine holidays and long-weekend schedule for 2011 (Proclamation No. 84)

Hunyo 12 by Claude Tayag (1989 Fiestas Serigraph Series)
Malacanang issued Proclamation No. 84 declaring the regular holidays, special non-working days, and a special school holiday for 2011. I was right about not giving out tentative dates since Malacanang will not follow holiday economics next year.

Too bad most of the holidays next year fall on a Saturday or Sunday. No rest for our labor force next year! Here is the list of holidays and long-weekends of the Republic of the Philippines for 2011:
  • January 1 (Sat) - New Year's Day (three-day long weekend from December 31 to January 2)
  • February 25 (Fri) - EDSA Revolution Anniversary (holiday and three-day long weekend for schools only) 
  • April 9 (Sat) - Araw ng Kagitingan
  • April 21 (Thu) - Holy Thursday
  • April 22 (Fri) - Good Friday (four-day long weekend from April 21 to 24)
  • May 1 (Sun) - Labor Day
  • June 12 (Sun) - Independence Day
  • June 19 (Sun) - 150th Birth Anniversary of Jose Rizal (proposed legislation to declare a working holiday)
  • August 21 (Sun) - Ninoy Aquino Day 
  • August 29 (Mon) - National Heroes Day (four-day long weekend from August 27 to 30)
  • August 30 (Tue) or 31 (Wed) - Eid't Fitr (calculated date for 2011 pending proclamation)
  • October 31 (Mon) - Special Non-Working Holiday
  • November 1 (Tue) - All Saints Day (four-day long weekend from October 29 to November 1)
  • November 7 (Mon) - Eid'l Adha (three-day long weekend from November 5 to 7)
  • November 30 (Wed) - Bonifacio Day
  • December 25 (Sun) - Christmas Day
  • December 30 (Fri) - Rizal Day
  • December 31 (Sat) - Last Day of the Year (three-day long weekend from December 30 to January 1)


  1. Anonymous21.12.10

    Ivan, is it possible for you to send this to Sec. Bert Lim. I agree with PNoy's move not to move anymore the holidays which fall on a Saturday or a Sunday as this has been very burdensome to businessmen. But what I cannot understand is his stand of not moving dates like the Bonifacio day to the nearest Monday. Our country is the one doing catching up in terms of tourism revenue.

  2. RA 9492 states that "in the event the holiday falls on a Wednesday, the holiday will be observed on the Monday of the week. If the holiday falls on a Sunday, the holiday will be observed on the Monday that follows."

    you think MalacaƱang is getting involved in another legal mess with this matter?

  3. Fewer long weekends means fewer travels for most of us. I don't think this administration give a damn about tourism. It surely sucks!

  4. @urbanroamer, unfortunately the same law gives the president the last say: "Unless otherwise modified by law, order or proclamation..." He just modified it through Proclamation No. 84.


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