Monday, September 03, 2007

'Hilot' for a spa treatment anyone?

It's about time we promoted our traditional Filipino culture around the world. We should start with our own food since the cuisine of our own Southeast Asian neighbors are making waves in the global community. I also wonder why our own local martial arts such as Arnis or Eskrima (known as Kali or FMA abroad) are not as popular in the Philippines as Muay Thai is in Thailand, Taekwondo in South Korea (it is their national sport) or other martial arts are in their countries.

This is also true when we go to the spa. We've all heard of Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai or Indonesian/Balinese (therapies which are popular in their countries of origin). But we fail to realize that the Philippines has its own art of massage called hilot.

In fact, hilot is becoming one of the hottest trends in our spas today. The DOT is now requiring accredited spas to include hilot in their massage therapies. In some spas, this deep tissue massage is accompanied with virgin coconut oil and warm strips of banana leaves. I should try out this therapy one of these days since it sounds enticing.

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