Monday, September 03, 2007

'Hilot' for a spa treatment anyone?

It's about time we promoted our traditional Filipino culture around the world. We should start with our own food since the cuisine of our own Southeast Asian neighbors are making waves in the global community. I also wonder why our own local martial arts such as Arnis or Eskrima (known as Kali or FMA abroad) are not as popular in the Philippines as Muay Thai is in Thailand, Taekwondo in South Korea (it is their national sport) or other martial arts are in their countries.

This is also true when we go to the spa. We've all heard of Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai or Indonesian/Balinese (therapies which are popular in their countries of origin). But we fail to realize that the Philippines has its own art of massage called hilot.

In fact, hilot is becoming one of the hottest trends in our spas today. The DOT is now requiring accredited spas to include hilot in their massage therapies. In some spas, this deep tissue massage is accompanied with virgin coconut oil and warm strips of banana leaves. I should try out this therapy one of these days since it sounds enticing.

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  1. Anonymous4.9.07

    hi ivan! I'm actually taking up traditional med right now and our adviser for this elective, Dr Galvez-Tan is an advocated of that. He actually wrote a book. Maybe you'd be interested in it too

  2. The perfect question is are we losing our identity? Its seems that our national pride is waning and this is a product of apathy. When leaders cannot inspire the people, we become individualistic. We don't care anymore about our fellowmen, we concentrate on our own survival.

  3. sir, astig yung site nyu ok lang po b add nyu ung links ko

    salamat po

  4. Anonymous7.9.07

    That made me think of the last time I had "hilot". Hmmm...I kind of miss that.

  5. Anonymous1.10.07

    Thanks for writing about "Hilot" which I still remember having received several times when I was still in the Philippines. Yes, actually, there's really so much value in highlighting what's innate, natural, "inborn," and what can be considered as a "strength." The article somehow highlighted what I was trying to explain to my clients as a Masseur myself. Given the credentials and background that I had to give up when I left the Philippines, I've decided to provide whole body massages here in New York City, as a Freelancer. I'd like to believe I'm the only active one who goes out of "his way to announce he's Filipino, and to post his services" in Craigslist New York City site. Of course, "massage" from what I've soon learned, is viewed ambivalently, condescendingly by some, given its sensual nature versus what people typically think as being sexual, yet I'm delighted to be doing work where I'm able to do my best, and get to share positive energy. NYC, being a place where you experience so much diversity from the people you meet around here, enables me to highlight what I've got, being originally from the Philippines. I've always wanted to explain "massage" is actually part and parcel of Philippine culture, but I'm usually at a loss, as always. I remember having some clients here who'd be so curious about a Filipino doing massages, considering that massage techniques they know originate from Asia that only highlight some other countries including India, Thailand, China, Japan, or even Korea, but never the Philippines. I've explained to them that we actually have the best spas back in the Philippines. Anyway, I'm grateful to have been reminded of "HILOT" as a technique after reading your blog. I'd appreciate exchanging notes with some others out there who can give me more pointers about "Hilot" per se, so that I can readily incorporate the techniques in my massage packages, and get to help spread what's uniquely Philippine.

  6. Anonymous19.7.08

    Hi Ivan! I'm very happy for your message what i know about "HILOT" this technic is from my Grand Master Angel Blancia iloilo City Philippines. Hilot a art pression point from Kung-FU Massage & Yoga Therapy Massage and this "Hilot" exist since some year in Canada Province Quebec sept-iles city. If you like to know about this technic from the creator family Blancia.

    Just write; Kung-Fu Massage Yoga Therapie Massage; eveybody can to find this adress.


  7. hello sir ivan, thank you sa pagpromote nyo sa Filipino brand hilot. Hayaan nyo pag napasyal kayo dito sa lugar ko bigyan ko kayo ng free therapeutic modern hilot service. Para ma try nyo na 100% effective for more info visit just type the keyword modern hilot thank you and God Bless!

  8. Hilot is good. some good healing techniques

  9. Anonymous31.12.10

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it


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