Sunday, September 23, 2007

South Cotabato: Dole's Club Kalsangi in Polomolok, South Cotabato and General Santos

Kalsangi is such a great place. The exclusive residential and golf club complex for Dole managers reminds me so much of the US, maybe because of its lay-out and architecture, open lawns, trees and cool climate. The whole place sits at the foot of majestic Mt. Matutum.

It was good the sun was out early in the morning so we checked out Mt. Matutum while the sky was still clear. We went around the Dole Plantation too.

Notice the Norfolk pines? They used to be Christmas tree supply for Dole's expat managers. But since most of the resident managers and supervisors are now locals, the trees are no longer cut down every Christmas and have grown tall.

After going to church, we visited the Trappistine Monastery (the sister monastery of the one in Guimaras) to buy some chocolate rhum balls and cookies, as well as Gibby's farm, also in Kalsangi.

Then is was lunch at the Dole's Club Kalsangi. It's very difficult to get inside since you need to know someone connected to Dole to gain access. I had a double burger, fries and salad.

After lunch, we brought Ryan to the airport then proceeded to Sarangani Highlands, a garden restaurant in Gen San with a great view of Sarangani Bay, for some drinks. The view and breeze was great!

We then visited the statue and burial place of Gen. Paulino Santos in front of city hall. What a disappointment. I was expecting more from a major city like Gen San. The city hall was an ugly nondescript building. The park in front of it, as well as the monument of Gen. Santos was obviously neglected. If they fix it, it could be a really great attraction. I was told that after all the years under the Acharons and Antoninos, Gen San is still not improving as fast as it should be. SM has had several ground-breaking ceremonies in the city but they always pull-out for some reason. Anyway, we checked out the P30M house of Manny Pacquiao too before proceeding to Alabel, Sarangani for dinner.


  1. Anonymous5.10.07

    i want to climb matutum!

  2. Anonymous5.10.07

    Sosyal! Nakapasok sa Kalsangi!!! Wahehehe!! You should've gone to the Fish Port by morning and see the tuna being transported.

    I really really really really miss SoCot! :(

  3. Anonymous17.2.08

    The park you have been to is undergoing a massive facelift starting this year. The local government concentrated on providing roads, water supplies and electricity to the rural barangays first before this dealing with this one.

    Hope you could come back and see the changes soon!

    Thanks for featuring Gensan in ur blog. Mabuhay ka and blog on!

  4. Hello, so grateful to find your blog Ivan. I missed the place and my friends in the City. You have mentioned the City Hall, Monument of Gen. Santos but so sorry to say you maissed the Museum where my Oil Painting of Gen. Paulino T. Santos is hanging.(NDDC Campus)I am happy to inform you I am Bueno Silva ( ) kindly visit me at I am at present living in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

    Thank you so much, I love to stick on your blog once again.

    Bueno Silva

  5. Anonymous14.5.08

    While browsing on google trying to look for a house and lot for sale in Polomolok glad I came across to this blog. I missed my place a lot, been to kalsangi a lot of times. I am originally from upper kalsangi, currently living in the US.

  6. Anonymous14.5.09

    UFTBUTE said ...... Polomolok is the home of Epsilonoans 1856. I really missed all my brods & sis in pinetown.heard about them run by a good government officials but sad to know workers of Dole Phils are asking for more..... its not the right time recession is ongoing anypart of the world.

  7. Hi there, planning to visit Dole Plantation with my friends from Kuwait. Am wondering maybe you could give me some info on how to get there? We'll be staying in Gensan,we just want to have a day tour @ Dole. Thanks

  8. Hi sir, Magandang Gensan! We, the people of gensan says "Magandang Gensan!" to anyone who appreciate our city and to also promote the newly-faced Gensan. By the way sir thank you for visiting our city. The Gensan park was renovated 2 years ago and they strictly implemented the preservation of the beautification of the park and the Queen Tuna Park (which formerly known as Lion's Beach, in front of the public market). We now have mini lagoons, newly installed benches, well-cultivated flowers and grasses, much improved statue of Gen. Paulino Santos with the name "General Santos City" emblazoned on a lighted wall fronting Pioneer's street. The plaza is also a well-secured place where families and friends flock their even on weekdays. You mentioned SM, it is now currently constructed and it's due by Feb 2012. I hope you could come back to witness the vast improvement of Gensan. Thank you Sir for visiting us and writing a wonderful article on our city!!

  9. Hello there, I plan to visit Dole Plantation with my daughter. Maybe you could give me some info on how to get there and enter the plantation? We'll be staying in Gensan,just want a day tour at Dole. Thanks

  10. I'm not quite sure how to go about it without a host from Dole. I'll ask around

  11. Anonymous27.8.11

    It's been 14 years since the last time I saw Polomolok, and thank you so much for posting. You did an awesome job.

  12. Ivan, i post some views of Kalsangi Club to view how beautiful it is. Love to visit there.... Same like little Baguio because of the climate....too cold

  13. And i posted it to my blogger account...hope you will allow me...

  14. Anonymous20.10.11

    hi ivan, remember me? do you know that i come from that place? =) jireh

  15. i was a little kid when I studied at Dole Philippines School, only Gr.1 to 2 (1991-92). It was only 2yrs. of my childhood life but it was the most memorable! Kalsangi was my Philippine version of USA ☻ (that was I thought of it then) I love the greenery & I love how calm & peaceful the place was! If my sister & I was hungry, we'd go to the Kalsangi clubhouse & order...& charge it to my father! Hahaha!! Good times! Although there are scary stories of this place..hope its gone by now! We experienced it! But don't be scared! Its part of the charm.

  16. Anonymous22.6.13



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