Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pampanga: An afternoon in Abe's Farm

I trooped to Pampanga today to attend a party hosted by Larry Cruz (he's the man behind Cafe Adriatico, Cafe Havana, Bollywood and Abe Restaurant among others) in Abe's Farm, an emerging resort at the foothills of Mount Arayat. I tagged along my SSEAYP batchmate Noby who is celebrating his birthday today.

As expected, the food was fantastic, the best of LJC!!! There was just so much food from the menu of his different restaurants, I wasn't able to taste every dish served on the buffet table.

Nurture Spa is also opening a branch in Abe's Farm and there was a special rate for everyone today, P500 for all treatments, one day only! That included massages, foot spa and facials. Sorry guys but they'll be regular price beginning tomorrow.

I finally got my hilot spa treatment. This spa features massages such as "Seseng-Ima," a Kapampangan-inspired massage, "Aruga," "Payapa," and the "Hilot Kagalingan" which was done as I described in an earlier post, with coconut oil and warm banana leaves.

Of course, we met some VIPs and I told Noby he was lucky to meet Senate President Manny Villar (right) among many others. We were back in Manila after three hours in traffic. Will someone please tell the NLEX to speed up their repair works in Balintawak. It's stressful and draining to drive in that area! Anyway, more photos of this fantastic place in Multiply.


  1. Anonymous18.9.07

    I suppose this is is open to the public, since they have a Nurture Spa there. Do they have a website? I'm building up my list of places to visit the next time I'm in the the Philippines.

  2. Here are some excerpts for the brochure: "In the heart of Pampanga, in the foothills of the dormant volcano Mt. Arayat, nestles a new lifestyle destination. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Come for a relaxing afternoon or stay overnight in a dreamy bamboo and antique wood rest house. Have a reinvigorating therapeutic afternoon spa treatment in a cozy Ifugao ulog built for two. Or come indulge your taste buds with delightful Capampangan cuisine.

    "Abe's Farm is now open for individual visits to enjoy the quiet and relaxing atmosphere of a private mountain home. Facilities are also available for events such as wedding banquets, seminars, workshops and planning sessions. Located in Brgy. Ayala in Magalang, Pampanga, Abe's Farm is a mere 1 hour and 20 minutes from the North Luzon Expressway toll agte in Balintawak. Yet, it's a different world you will come to discover.

    "And best of all, enjoy the culinary delights of Abe Restaurant right where it comes from - the gourmet province of Pampanga, in the town of Magalang where the famed writer and artist Abe Aguilar Cruz first saw the light of day and the majestic beauty of Mt. Arayat."

    You can contact them at (02) 522-0403 or at Abe Restaurant (02) 856-0526.

  3. They don't have a website yet. Please contact the numbers I posted above. Thanks!

  4. Anonymous26.10.07

    i'm from san fernando, mom my is from arayat and we have a place in magalang and i didnt know there's a place like this here! and here i am whining na there's no decent place to relax in pampanga. i'll call them on tuesday and visit them soon.

  5. Anonymous12.2.09 much that it cost if we go to abe's farm?

  6. Anonymous7.3.10

    it was build on 1998 by JLC with my uncle Manding as the foreman or person in charge in constructing this "resthouse". JLC told him that this farm will become a famoust spot in magalang.

  7. I think their website is My family plan to visit the place very soon!cal


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