Monday, September 24, 2007

Sarangani: Old houses and powder-white sand beaches in Glan, Sarangani

The next day, we drove to Glan, one of the southernmost municipalities of the island of Mindanao (Jose Abad Santos, Davao del Sur seems to edge it out by a few meters). In the town proper, we checked out the old houses which are mentioned in the DOT website. They have intricate wood designs but sadly, most if not all, have been neglected. The local government should do something about it since old houses in Mindanao are quite rare nowadays.

We then proceeded to Barangay Gumasa further down south to check the powder-white sand beach. Yes, you read it right, powder-white sand. It could be the next Boracay if the local government plays its cards right.

After a few hours of swimming, we drove back to Gen San to catch our flight back to Manila. But we passed by the provincial capitol in Alabel first to meet some officials.

Back in Gen San, we had lunch at Nadie's Chicken Restaurant. Then after fixing our check-in luggage which was all fruits, we went to the airport. I had 26 kilos of fruits with me. Even if I paid for excess baggage, it still came out way cheaper! I got lansones and suha at PHP25 a kilo and mangosteen at PHP30 a kilo.


  1. Anonymous5.10.07

    the whiteness of the beach is remarkble. reminds me of mantigue island in camiguin :D

  2. This one is powder-white. It's like stepping on mud pag nasa tubig ka. Hehe!

  3. Anonymous5.10.07

    the sand in gumasa is finer than in mantigue. :)

  4. Hi, Ivan.

    Nice Site!

    However, you said, "Gumasa could be the next Boracay." I hope NOT. Boracay was exploited and over-developed. Gumasa is like Boracay of old when people had to sleep in tents and use kerosene lamps on the beach, before the hotels, etc. that dump sewage back into the sea.

    I would rather that Gumasa stays as unspoiled as it is.

    Ray Deza

  5. Anonymous19.10.07

    hi ivan. i really love to go to gumasa after seeing all the wonderful pics of the beach. can you recommend a beach resort? any contact nos? ill be going there soon.

  6. Anonymous22.4.08

    hi ivan,
    actually gumasa beach belongs to my lolo and his brothers, they divided the land. ;p yes. the beach is so captivating. My lolo's brothers set up their resorts, i think there are 3 resorts already. We are not yet build our own.haha. in the future, i guess.;) but if u would come back again, the pink house is ours with the huge tree in the front (seashore)... hehe.



  7. Anonymous29.8.13

    the beach is so relaxing and peaceful. hope to be there too. is it affordable, how to get there from gensan airport?
    much thanks


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