Friday, January 02, 2009

Ifugao: Join the planting rice tour in Mayoyao, Ifugao this January

Remember the rice harvest tour I joined in Mayoyao, Ifugao last year? The Pochon Group is once again inviting everyone to another tour, this time, to plant rice! Join the Pfukhay Ad Majawjaw Tour (rice planting in mayoyao tour) from January 23 to 25, 2009 in Mayoyao, Ifugao. This is part of the group's advocacy to help maintain and preserve the cultural heritage of Ifugao, the rice terraces in particular. Part of the proceeds of the tour will go to the heritage trust fund that will help the people of Mayoyao safe-guard their indigenous culture.

The Pfukhay Tour allows participants to experience traditional rice planting with the Mayoyao community, witness the showcasing of the Mayoyao native music and dances, and shop in Banaue before proceeding back to Manila.

Contact Josh Nalliw at or +63 906 5308242 for inquiries. Deadline for bookings is on January 19, 2009. Here are my blog entries on the rice harvest tour last year:

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Part 2: Mayoyao Rice Terraces in Ifugao
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