Monday, March 08, 2010

Batanes: Batanes food adventure!

Batanes food is quite unique, it would be a shame if you did not try out the local cuisine. At every Ultimate Philippines tour to Batanes, we make sure everyone gets immersed in the local flavors of Batanes.

For starters, there's (1) humet or seaweed soup, (2) supas or turmeric rice, (3) chipuhu or breadfruit, (4) tamiduk or Ivatan salad which includes steamed pako or fiddlehead fern, eggplant, string beans, chopped tomatoes, and minced onions, (5) pinasu wakay or roasted kamote, (6) vunes or dried gabi, (7) wakay or boiled yam and (8) amay or mashed kamote and taro.

Then for the main course, there's (9) payi or lobster, (10) arayu, dorado or mahi-mahi, (11) tatus or coconut crab, (12) lataven a among or kinilaw na isda, (13) lunies or Ivatan adobo made with liempo, and (14) uvud balls made with pork, flying fish and banana trunk.

For dessert, there's (15) bukayo, (16) ducay salad, (17) glorified gabi and (18) rawut or millet.

As part of the tour, we arrange buffet lunches and picnics by the beach, and cocktails and sunset dinners at picturesque attractions Batanes.

Of course we have some Filipino comfort food too. But rest assured, you'll be getting an authentic Ivatan food experience on every Ultimate Philippine food tour. Our first tour to Batanes for the year ended today. We're all flying back to Manila tomorrow. There are five more tours for this year. So book now!


  1. Marjorie Joy Villanueva9.3.10

    Wow! Ang sarap ng nga pagkain! Nakakainggit.

  2. Miriam Legaspi9.3.10

    Di lang like... super like pa!!!! Yummy!

  3. Wow! you have posted almost all the local food from my hometown! and yes they are all yummy ^^ good thing my parents cook them every so often. I miss tatus!

  4. Ryan Buaron9.3.10

    I love Ivatan food, except that one should pass the Tatus (coconut crabs)- they are a threatened species.

  5. Are they threatened na ba?

  6. Ryan Buaron9.3.10

    Yes they are.. Check this list -

  7. Ultimate Philippines is at the forefront of conservation in destinations where it has tours. Since it's a protected species in the Philippines, we will remove it from our menu and campaign that people stop collecting it. I wonder if they could be bred in captivity though?

  8. they are... nway... this is a nice blog.... i realy like it. makes me want to fly home. miss all these foods.

  9. Thanks Ivan. I am not sure if they can be bred. I hope so.

  10. Mariavictoria C. Go9.3.10

    The lobsters look like they have tomaley bursting out of their bellies!!! Yummy! And those coconut crabs must be sooo rich & fat from devouring all that coconut meat!!! Double yum!!!!

  11. Rosario Guinto10.3.10

    Ivan, this is TORTURING! Super Yummy and Mouthwatering...How is the price? per kilo or lbs?
    OMG ka talaga...when is your next trip?

  12. hoy takaw mo talaga.

  13. Hi Ivan. Do you have the schedules already for your 2011 Batanes tours? I would really like to go on one of your tours there so it would be very helpful if you could post the sked early so I can make the proper arrangements with regards to my sked and finances. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

    Tet Alzona

  14. Anonymous26.9.11

    naglalaway ako sa mga pagkain..sarap....

  15. hi Ivan! Do you if there are airlines that offer cheap fares going to Batanes this 2012? =)

  16. Anonymous11.4.12

    Unfortunately the tatus/coconut crab is in fact a threatened species in the Philippines according to BFAR below (but in areas that have no human population their numbers are relatively stable. Coconut crabs have already disappeared in heavily populated areas, specifically Borneo, Indonesia, and New Guinea).

    Especially since farming them has proven difficult. According to the sources below the sensitivity of their molting stages and their unusual mating habits are just two obstacles against their farming and subsequent enjoyment by locals and tourists alike. This saddens me, mainly because I want to try them lol.

    Hopefully the local government of Batanes has already curbed any possibility of their disappearance in Batanes? Maybe that's why they're so expensive?

  17. martinmaglayon@yahoo.com8.6.12

    how do you cook the lunies?

  18. Anonymous20.2.13

    any scheduled tour for this year, 2013?

  19. Love reading your article :)

    ivatan cuisine!
    Really a food trip adventure :)



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