Sunday, March 07, 2010

Cebu: Zubuchon lechon is Anthony Bourdain's best roasted pig in the world!

The best lechon in the Philippines may be found in Cebu. And Cebu as the producer of the best whole roasted pig in the world has found an endorser in Anthony Bourdain who had ranked the Philippines as his top pick in the hierarchy of pork, dislodging Bali and Puerto Rico from the top slots!

So what lechon did Anthony Bourdain get to taste when he was in Cebu which made him declare such? Well, we found out during our trip that Market Manila served his own Zubuchon lechon. And the great thing about Zubuchon lechon is that it's available for sale to the public (while supplies last).

A kilo sells for Php450. They serve it fresh, or if you plan to bring it to Manila, frozen and properly boxed up, very convenient to bring as carry-on luggage.

There are two branches. One is in the Banilad Town Center. And the other is at the Mactan Airport Pre-Departure Area. But they only sell it at the Mactan Airport beginning at 4 p.m. until supplies last.

I got to taste the Zubuchon lechon while in Cebu. The skin itself is crispy and packed with so much flavor. Even the meat of the Zubuchon lechon is so rich in flavor, there's no need for the usual sarsa.

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  1. yes i agree.. Cebu does have the best LETCHON in the world (Proud ot be Cebuano!)

  2. Anonymous13.6.11

    any contact no for info and pre order?

  3. Anonymous12.10.11

    Go to Lanao del Norte, your opinion might change suddenly.

  4. Anonymous21.10.11

    Cebu lechon is the best!

  5. Hi Ivan,

    I've been a huge follower, and I've even made your Bali blogs my bible for exploring the island! I'm writing because I stumbled across this blog (I believe one of the writers is American while the other German) that declared Philippine lechon flavorless, although they didn't point out where they had their lechon. So I threw in my two cents and told them about this particular post of yours and even directed them to your dictionary of Philippine street food. They wrote back saying that Bourdain seemed to be declaring this in a lot of places and that he also did the same at Ibu Oka in Bali, whose babi guling the bloggers praised to high heavens. I may be subjective as I'm Cebuano, but I honestly didn't find their lechon as "namnam" as my Bacoleno husband would say, although I tried my best to keep an open mind while eating it. And, oh, it's not just the lechon they're criticizing. Their general assessment is that Filipinos cannot cook.

    Before I forget, here's the link to the blog post:

    Keep on writing and inspiring us to flashpack! Best of luck!


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