Monday, March 22, 2010

Cebu: Larsian, sutukil (STK) and more Cebu street food

If Malaysia has its mamaks, Cebu City has Larsian sa Fuente or simply Larsian, a street food arcade open from 2 p.m. until the wee hours of the morning. Larsian is a collection of stalls which virtually serve the same thing, grilled meats and seafood. I was able to try out the great grilled meats and seafood they serve at the older location just a few meters away from where the current Larsian stands.

Just to give you an idea of what's available and how much things cost, here a list of what I saw there:
Chicken breast Php40
Chicken butt/pwet/isol Php30
Chicken gizzard/balun-balunan Php13
Chicken intestine/isaw
Chicken leg/paa Php45
Chicken liver/atay Php13
Chicken skin/balat Php12
Chicken wing/pakpak Php30
Hotdog Php10
Longganisa/chorizo Php15
Longganisa/skinless Php15
Pork backbone Php12
Pork barbecue Php5
Pork belly Php12
Pork liver/atay Php13
Squid/pusit Php60
White marlin Php60
Anduhaw Php60
Rice/puso Php2.50

Since we're on the topic of street food in Cebu, another thing you shouldn't miss is STK or sutukil, a short-cut for three ways of preparing food: sugba (grill), tuwa (boil), and kilaw (raw). While Mactan is said to be where sutukil started, I was told it's safer getting sutukil in Cebu City since the stalls in Mactan aren't exactly what they used to be as they charge too much (because they're so used foreigners and their budgets) and are said to switch your chosen seafoods with older supplies inside the kitchen. Is this true?

Anyway, if the photos of celebrities, politicians and other famous personalities on the wall of STK ta Bay! is not enough testament to the great sutukil they serve, I don't know what is!

STK ta Bay!
6 Orchid St. Capitol Site, Cebu City
(032) 2562700 / 2564732 / (0918) 2647209


  1. Kuya Ivan,

    It's a good thing binisita mo uli ang Cebu... sayang I wasnt able to meet you up sa Larsian or sa Handuraw. Idol ko yung blog at ang galing mo in promoting tourism and heritage preservation..

  2. Nice experience!!!
    Do you know the food platform in Cebu? My friend recommends it I have to say it's real fun being a member!!!

  3. Larsian has improved significantly since my college days. Dati mukha lang itong roadside bbq fest, literally kasi the stall would be on one side of the small road tapos the tables would be on the other side. Kumakain kami tapos biglang may dadaan lang na kotse mismo sa gilid namin. Now there's a dedicated area for the stall and the tables. But I still miss those days when a beam of light would suddenly come out of nowhere right into my bloated face while chewing the "puso" and half a stick of the pork bbq.


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