Saturday, March 06, 2010

Bohol: Danao and the Dagohoy Rebellion

Who is Francisco Dagohoy? Do you know his significance in Philippine history? Dagohoy led the longest revolt in Philippine history, the Dagohoy Rebellion, from 1744 to 1829. I'm sure most of us learned that from our grade school textbooks. We all know he's from Bohol and that the revolt was in Bohol. But it was only when I visited Danao did I realize that I was standing on the ground which served as the headquarters of the Dagohoy Rebellion.

Magtangtang in Danao was said to be the headquarters or hideout of Dagohoy during the revolt. People in Danao were telling us stories about the Francisco Dagohoy Cave which was his main headquarters. It is said that hundreds of Dagohoy’s followers preferred death inside the cave than surrender. Their skeletons still remain in the site. But unfortunately, like in many places of historical interest, stupid treasure hunters imagined that there was gold or valuable objects in the cave, and did irreversible damage to it.

Today, a statue of Francisco Dagohoy stands in Magtangtang, Danao, a few minutes from the Danao Adventure Park, a silent reminder to the heroism of the Boholanos. The Dagohoy Marker was installed by the Philippine Historical Committee (now NHI) in 1953 to honor his heroism.

Danao Adventure Park
E.A.T. Danao's Plunge, the only canyon swing in the Philippines!
Danao Adventure Park's E.A.T. Danao
Spelunking at Danao Adventure Park's Kamira Cave

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