Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pampanga: Hot Air Balloon Fiesta tour on Valentine's Day! Book now!

After last year's successful run of Up, up and away! Huffing, puffing and pumping in Pampanga, we're at it again. It's another ultimate experience on February 14, 2009 as we romance up for Valentine's Day and be amazed by the high and mighty in Pampanga!

Gawk at the giant hot air balloons of the 14th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival! Savor the delights of an authentic Italian breakfast at the best cafe this side of Clark. Finally, we'll while away the afternoon in a soothing retreat while stuffing ourselves silly over a sumptuous Kapampangan feast at rustic farm setting! A feast for the body, mind and soul!

This tour leaves Makati at 3 a.m. and includes entrance to the 14th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, a sumptuous breakfast by Chef Chris Locher at C' Italian Dining (they don't usually open for breakfast but made an exception for this tour), and a hearty Kapampangan lunch at Abe's Farm owned by the LJC Group of Cafe Adriatico. Package price is PHP4,500 all inclusive. Only 30 slots are available on the tour on a first-come first-served basis. E-mail for bookings.

Spa treatments at Nurture Spa Pampanga are optional but highly-recommended! We'll e-mail you the Nurture Spa menu of services and price list if you are interested. Treatments have to be pre-booked due to the number of tour participants.

Speaking of tours, you all might be interested in this...

The BIG Binondo food WOK! Nibbling our way through Chinatown
(Special Chinese New Year Weekend Edition)
Oh yes, its that time of the year again when we BINGE ourselves silly as we welcome the Lunar New Year with a BIG, BIG BITE! It's the BEST time of the year to do the BIG Binondo Food WOK as we say goodbye to a RATTY year and welcome the YEAR of the OX! COWabunga!

Take a WOK with us! Tour dates are on January 24, 2009, Saturday (8 a.m. & 2 p.m.) and January 25, 2009, Sunday (8 a.m. & 2 p.m.). Chinese New Year this year falls on January 26, 2009. Rate is P999.00 per head inclusive of tasting menu. Limited slots and reservations required. Details at (0917) 3291622 or I joined the tour in 2007.


  1. Hey, I love your blog. Very informative. I'll be looking forward to this event.

  2. Thanks! Hope you could join us!

  3. Anonymous27.1.09

    Hi Ivan. We are travelling from Manila by car. I have made direct bookings with Lohas Hotel. Do we arrange entrance ticket and hot air balloon ride with them?

  4. To be honest, it's a long shot to actually book a ride on the balloons. I myself haven't ridden on one during the event.

    The balloon owners usually allow one or two to ride in their balloons per day. It's usually reserved for those who've hosted them, VIPs and their families, or paying passenger who get lucky to book a slot. It's not available to the general public.

    Tickets are available at the gate. So don't worry about that.

  5. This is great bro! i'd like to ride one of those balloons! hehehe

  6. Same here! Hope I get a chance this time around. Hehe!

  7. Anonymous31.1.09

    hi just want to ask if there are still any available slots for two. by the way where is also the location of the terminal?


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